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Postnatal Depression

On Thursday evening I listened to an amazing interview on BBC Evening Extra with Lindsay Robinson, wife of East Belfast MP Gavin Robinson. screen-shot-2015-10-22-at-19-04-13

She talked openly and honestly about her battle with postnatal depression (PND) after having blogged about her experiences in recent weeks. Her interview with Sara Girvin was brilliant and incredibly honest.

The Black Dog

I was at an event last night with Lynda Bryans.

She is best known as a news presenter for both the BBC and UTV, being married to UUP leader Mike Nesbit, and latterly as a lecturer in Belfast Metropolitan College.

Lynda Bryans would be an 'outstandingly good elected representative'

What is a bit less known about her is that she suffered from a mental health illness when she was pregnant with her first child, 20 years ago. As a coincidence today is World Mental Health Day.

Alzheimer’s – ‘The silent Plague’

In 2006 it affected nearly 27 million people worldwide. It is predicted to affect 1 in 85 people globally by 2050. It was first discovered by a German psychiatrist and neuropathologist in 1906. It mostly affects people over the age of 65, but can affect people as young as 35. It is an incurable, degenerative and terminal disease. Dr Andrew Lees, clinical director of the Queen Square Brain Bank for Neurological Disorders called it ‘the silent plague’. It is Alzheimer’s disease, the most common form of dementia.

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