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Ireland in Christmas Praise – 10 years later…

Traditions are what make Christmas special for a lot of people. For me it’s decorating the tree, helping my mum with her cooking, my Christmas Eve Chinese (weird, I know) and ‘Ireland in Christmas Praise’ by New Irish Arts.

Hearing The People Sing at Les Mis

Friday 26st August took me to The Grand Opera House in Belfast. I’ve been to many shows in this fantastic venue over the years but it was my third time seeing a Belfast School of Performing Arts BSPA production, after seeing Les Misérables (Les Mis) in 2013 and West Side Story in 2015.

One Dock that you don’t need a lawyer for…

On Friday night I headed to The Dock Café as part of a group from my church church.


At the outset, I will hold my hands up and say that despite the fact that The Dock Café has been opened for over four years and the fact that I live just 15 minutes away from it, it was my first time inside.

A New Irish Christmas

Over recent years I have started some new Christmas traditions.  One of these is going to the “Ireland in Christmas Praise” concert by New Irish Arts, which was last Friday night in the Waterfront Hall.

For those who have never heard of New Irish Arts, they were formed in 1994 by the Irish contemporary hymn-writer Keith Getty. They now have several hundred members in both a choir and orchestra and a few years ago formed a Youth Choir.

West Side Story

West Side Story

Friday 21st August took me to The Mac in Belfast. It was my third time in the venue and my second time seeing a  performance, after seeing Les Miserable on the same stage in 2013.


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